15 December 2007

4 and 1/2 ismabera's offers

Agloco 'forced' me to find some other internet businisses. I hope I will be much more lucky as with Agloco.

If you are not yet in PPP (Pay Per Play) , I am inviting you to join with me.
First you can read my blog and than decide. The most known bloggers are saying that it can be great opportunity to earn with site or blog.


I suppose you know that very soon (in 2008) MobillCash wil come in any country. In 1 year there are more than 600.000.000 members all over the world.

Another opportunity to earn

Some are saying that 'new CocaCola' is comming with Crave. Well, this should be great drink for diabetics - good opportunity.


Maybe you like to earn with reading emails or clicking banners. Check MarketingPond. There is more than 40 free programs , the most of them international. Great system to get referrals.

I hope that this new site will ‘survive’. Owner Steff is very honest . Every day we get 30-40 emails (worth 6 or 9 cents) and about 10 PTC banners (worth 3 cents). I earned $100 in 17 days. Check this link, it is free to join


Do you like to post blogs , photos , music , videos and see , what others have to show you?
Do you like to chat with friends ?
Do you want to share your internet business with members of social networks ?


with best regards / lep pozdrav / com cumprimentos

Rado Zupanc

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