12 September 2008

Few months later - September 2008

Cent (currency)Image via WikipediaWell, as I was reading, that more than 90% of internet opportunities 'dies' in few months. In 2008 died Yourhotmails and, my favorite : weBoss.org . I am clicking some 'international' sites and some international sites. Unfortunately (for me and other international members) all 'international' sites are not really international. Well, we can join but we get much, much less offers as members from USA and maybe form some other countries (UK, Canada).

At this moment I am getting 1 cent offers every day from :

1) isabelmarco.com (today 28 offers!!) - international

I joined in April 2008 and today I have more than $9,00 on my account (no referrals), min payout $9,00 (AlertPay , Paypal) . I am waiting for my first payment

2) beanybux.com (today 21 offers - links and banners) - international

I joined few months ago and I have about $6,50 on my account (1 referral), min payout $9,00
I am waiting for my first payment

3) bux.bg (today 15 offers) - international

We get paid to post on international Forum - a lot of languages, like serbo-croatian, portugues, german , french, italian , rusian... !

4) crewbux.com (today 7 offers) - international

5) Hits4Pay - international

PayPal, minimum payout $50.00 , click worth 2 cents , when you join, you get 10,00$.

I joined in July 2007. I get 1-3 / week

6) WordLinks (today 3 offers) - international

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

7) EasyFlowUp

Not PTCs

Apsense began to send me PAID EMAILS , each email worth 5 cents.

List Bandit

I got paid there - about 35$ for 1 active referral!


You earn by posting

MarketingPond is still THE BEST - a lot of good programs

or MarketingPond's international brother : GlobalTeamClub

ou irmăo Brasileiro

Very interesting Forums
- Who-is-who-in-gpt
- MakeMoneyKingdom (Forum, which pays you ! )

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