2 December 2008

Few months later - July 2009

A 640 BC one-third stater coin from Lydia.Image via Wikipediame2everybody
Is this 'New AGLOCO' ?

let's try !

- it is for free, like it was Agloco

- we get shares, like it should be with Agloco

- we can earn, as we could with Agloco

from : Me2Everyone .. Your Ripple Counts (FaceBook)
to : ismabera
date :
Fri, Jan 30, 2009

Within two days of the me2everyone site being launched it had a population of around 20,000. Two days ago it stood at 37,652 and today is at 54,343. ......

Note : Me2Everyone opened its doors on the 10th January 2009
date : Mar 25, 2009 - 339.850 members
date : July 15, 2009 505,000 members


Another "NEW AGLOCO" ?!

as it is for FREE, it is international , minimum payout $10 USD on PayPal account and I like the name - The Bar

Did you hear about AdlandPro Community - from Canada? It is free to join, you can earn!

AdlandPro World's Classifieds

Get Linked from 16,000 + sites with one click.


Uf, another great possibility. It is for FREE , you can upgrade in Gold member - I did it , it is 5,95$ / month. It is INTERNATIONAL.

If you want to JOIN, click this link : https://www.pyrabang.com/go/ismabera

I've already been payed (5$)

The next Generation in PTC has arrived!

Forum - MakeMoneyKingdom - I've earned there about 170 golden coins! it means about USD$17,00

If you want to join to this forum, just click my link : http://www.makemoneykingdom.com/register.php?referrerid=329

Get Linked from thousands of Classifieds for FREE with one click.

got e-mail from my Indian friend - I must see what new programs he has.

Tazoodle should pay to advertisers - LOL!

I suppose you've heard about Juri !? hard working, honest internet marketer. he is telling us that till now he didn't earn yet with 'internet business' - only 'scam and scam and scam ...'.
it seems that finally he found something - let us check!!

You can join here : PaymentPromise.com

At this moment I am getting 1 cent offers every day from :

1) isabelmarco.com (today 28 offers!!) - international

I joined in April 2008 and today I have more than $9,00 on my account (no referrals), min payout $9,00 (AlertPay , Paypal) . Well, I am still waiting for my first payment. I didn't notice when rules changed : you can get paid only, if you upgrade. I have 3 referrals and they 'made me' about $8.00 in last month. Of cause, I will upgrade to pick up my money

2) beanybux.com (today 21 offers - links and banners) - international

I joined few months ago and I have about $6,50 on my account (1 referral), min payout $9,00
I am waiting for my first payment. Here you must wait about 90 days to get money. No problem ! On my account there is already 20$.

3) Hits4Pay - international
PayPal, minimum payout $50.00 , click worth 2 cents , when you join, you get 10,00$.

I joined in July 2007. I get 1-3 / week

May 2009 - I canceled my account as I've earned about $2,5 USD in at least (or more) 20 months. Even this program is international, there is not a lot of ads.

4) WordLinks (today 3 offers) - international

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

June 1st 2009 - I canceled my account as I've earned about $2,5 USD in at least (or more) 12 months. Even this program is international, there is not a lot of ads.

5) Clicksia (today about 20 offers) - international

6) Incentria (today about 10 offers) - international

Not PTCs

Apsense began to send me PAID EMAILS , each email worth 5 cents.

I got paid by ListBandit - 36$ for 1 platinum referral!
You earn by posting

MarketingPond is still THE BEST - a lot of good programs

or MarketingPond's international brother : GlobalTeamClub

ou irmăo Brasileiro

- Who-is-who-in-gpt

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