31 August 2009

TwentyNine TwentyTen (2009 - 2010)


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I am not clicking anymore programs where we earn 0,01$ , payout 20$ with condition to upgrade etc. ..
Paying people to hold signs is one of the olde...Image via Wikipedia

However, I am still a member of Valerie's MarketingPond as there are some new, different  programs. I am talking about new AdvertPond. I am sure that Valerie knows, what she wants and, that this is really good choice to join there.  Well, I still click some ads on IsabelMarco, even I am waiting for my payout almost 1 YEAR. The point is that I can pay advertising with money, earned there. For the same reason I am clicking BeannyBux.

I canceled my accounts in Hits4Pay, WordLinks and some others, as I just do not get a lot of ads. With 1-2 ad per week I should have to wait for money more than 10 years - LOL!
Note: I am sure that those programs works great for USA / Canada / UK members , but they are NOT international even proclaimed as international. Yes, you can join, but 10 or 20 years to get money ......  

Let's see my list 2009 - 2010 :

MarketingPond    NUMBER 1
- a lot of programs, the most also international. For me the best is MP Forum.

GlobalTeamClub  -  international MP's brother
100ProcentoGratis  - Brazilian MP brother - lingua portuguesa

me2everyone  -  it will explode in 2010 - 2011 



Tazoodle   is   a new generation of search engine 

Twitter   -  this is not paid site, but .... "Suddenly, it seems as though all the world's a-twitter."

 List Bandit
 I was even payed here - 35$ USD


I Love Hits

Note : to be continued .....

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